Unique Grappling System
ST_Kit_BLACK4Each net is equipped with a series of steel grapples that lock the net around the animal to be captured making it virtually impossible for it to shake off the net or run far. The extend reach and high power projection of the net from the launcher makes it possible to catch the fastest animals “on the fly.” It’s no longer necessary to corner the prey and to stress the animal out in long chases. In many cases the animal just surrenders to the covering net without fighting or entangling itself.

Download the Super Talon Ultra manual.


The Ideal System for:
• Capturing feral animals
• Bringing canines under control
• Capturing wildlife
• Providing long range capture of skittish animals
• Allowing long reach capture of moving prey
• Humane containment of one or more animals

Each kit contains:
• A compressed air launching handle
• 4 preloaded and refilleable net heads
• 20 compressed air cartridges, spare parts and accessories for multiple rapid launches.
All packed in a sturdy, metal container with impact foam insert.

Complete Kit
$1686.00 + Shipping

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Please specify net size when ordering based on the projected target species. Net sizes can be mixed at an additional cost.
Additional cartridges can be purchased by calling us directly. These are not standard size cartridges available through retail outlets.

• 4 inch standard mesh animal capture nets with grapples – Red Cover
• 2 inch mesh net used for small birds or extra strength animal catches – Blue Cover
• 4 inch mesh net without grapples used for bird capture – Yellow Cover
• 6 inch mesh net used for human and large animal capture – Black Cover