Net Reload Videos


The Super Talon Ultra net gun comes with a wide variety of specialized nets for different target species. These are indicated by the color of the cap. You can choose one standard or mix (at an additional cost) to best meet your trapping needs.

Red Cover – standard 4 inch mesh animal capture nets with grapples in launcher. PRODUCT CODE RC1

Blue Cover – 2 inch mesh net used for small birds or extra strength animal catches in launcher. PRODUCT CODE BC1

Yellow Cover – 4 inch mesh net without grapples used for bird capture in launcher. PRODUCT CODE YC1

Black Cover – 6 inch mesh net used for human and large animal capture in launcher. PRODUCT CODE BC1



This new refill comes without a launcher and is available in a white 6 inch mesh or a yellow 4 inch animal capture size. Equipped with weights attached it simply slips into your existing launcher as a more economical way of replacing the net without refolding.

Yellow — 4 inch mesh animal catcher PRODUCT CODE YR2

White — 6 inch mesh personnel catcher PRODUCT CODE WR2