Consumer Alert

We at Advanced Weapons Technology Inc. are dedicated to insuring that the product you receive is the finest quality and appropriate for catching the intended target species. We are also dedicated to supporting the product after you’ve purchased it and for providing spare parts and technical assistance. In recent month there have been companies clipping art work from our site and representing themselves as authorized dealers of the Talon Net Gun system. These products are either old and discontinued models or fake replicas of the Talon Net Gun.

There is no aftermarket service or spare parts including cartridges available for them. They will come without instructions or technical support. In some cases the internet companies are total frauds and will not deliver a product to you after taking your payment.

We offer this caution to protect you from being scammed by internet thieves, who based on the popularity of the Talon Net Gun, are taking advantage of the public by offering them products that were designed for totally different uses, or discontinued due to significant upgrades we’ve made in the technology.

The prices quoted as “comparable” are not the products manufactured by us. The Talon Net Gun system can only by purchased through this web site or through our authorized dealers. We advise you to call us at 760-777-7229 to make certain that the company or web site you’re buying from is a legally authorized agent of Advanced Weapons Technology Inc. We do not service, offer technical support, sell replacement parts or air cartridges for net guns purchased by anyone but our authorized agents.

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