The Super Talon Animal Catcher is produced and distributed exclusively by Advanced Weapons Technology. Advanced Weapons Technology is a leading world-wide supplier to Animal Control Agencies, Research Scientists, Federal and local Law Enforcement and private security agencies. Their product lines include the Super Talon, Forward Observer and the Radiant One.
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The Super Talon Ultra net gun is the ultimate humane method of animal capture, bird capture, dog capture and cat capture. This shooting net virtually can pluck birds out of the sky and is widely used in animal rescue; dog rescue and cat rescue operations.

Wildlife biologists the world over use the Super Talon Ultra net gun for wildlife study, wildlife capture, wildlife rescue, wild animal capture, wild animal rescue, bird study, tag and release, animal studies, and vector control.

Potentially rabid animals including, feral dogs, feral cats are controlled and easily caught and isolated from the technician in seconds.

Used in pet rescue, pet rescue, bird rescue, the Talon animal catcher, is environmentally friendly and can be used to trap and study even endangered species, sea bird rescue. It easily captures all forms of domestic animals including injured animals and wild bird without harm.

Used by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and academic and commercial wildlife biologists worldwide, the Super Talon Ultra system is designed as a humane and effective control method for all species of avian and animal apprehension

This unique for of animal control equipment is also used by zoo’s, food processing plants, food storage areas, malls, airports and hundreds of other locations where stray animals need to be studied, or captured without harm.